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"The stone speaks to me, it is beautiful, it makes me dream.  it reacts, it responds, it is not malleable. I have to wake it up, wake up its beauty.I like it.


Finnish-born artist Jaana Myöhänen has lived in France since 1986.

After practicing various artistic disciplines, JM discovered direct carving in René Coutelle's studio in Paris in 1996.

Inspired by great sculptors such as Michelangelo, Rodin, Volti, Baltasar Lobo...Jaana is part of this family of sculptors for whom the human figure is the challenge.

Its refined, essential sculpture suggests the original beauty. We have the feeling that the form springs from the rock as evidence. His nudes and torsos present a voluptuous sensuality from curved and polished forms where the light slips and parts left raw where the shadows collide. Between the voids and the solids a dialogue is established.

Decorated by the Arts-Sciences-Letters Academy and noticed by eminent specialists in sculpture such as the gallery owner Hélène Martel-Greiner, the works of Jaana Myöhänen are regularly exhibited in prestigious exhibitions: Brata Art Fair (Brussels), Salon Autumn (Champs-Elysées), Antiques and Designers Fair (Trocadéro), Taylor Foundation...

His works can be found in public and private collections around the world.


Heimat Gallery, Saint Remy de Provence

Martel Greiner Gallery, 71 Bd Raspail, Paris6

HIP Art Gallery, 8 rue St Roch, Paris 1

Artemoi Gallery, rue des Tournelles, Paris 4

Frédéric Moisan Gallery, rue Mazarine, Paris 6

Space Gallery, St Paul de Vence

Brun Léglise gallery, rue de Bourgogne, Paris 7

Yves Mugnier Gallery, Paris 7

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