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Diplomas and qualifications

1991: Paris I Sorbonne - Masters in History of Art and Archaeology.

1994-1997: Ateliers Beaux-Arts, Glacière Paris XIII: Modeled sculpture workshop

1991: Exhibitions Department Assistant, Fund for Historic Monuments and Sites/Paris IV

Administrative and technical management of scheduled exhibitions.

1992: Responsible for studies in a Cultural Engineering Office, BIC / Paris XIV

1994-1997: Sculpture Gallery Assistant, Public Art Workshop / Paris VI

Collaborator of the Public Art Gallery: J.BADORD and O.DESCAMPS, Sculptors

Setting up themed exhibitions, readings of plays, concerts.

Organization of weekly drawing sessions in the exhibition space.

1997- 1999: Learning direct carving, rue de la Mare / Paris XX

Introduction to stone sculpture in René COUTELLE's studio.

2008: Cultural animator, Parc Caillebotte / Town hall of Yerres (91)

Reception of the public and presentation of exhibitions at the Orangerie du Parc.

2009: Organizer of an exhibition-concert, Parc Caillebotte / Town hall of Yerres (91)

Organization of the Exhibition-Concert of JL BORSARELLO , Musician and Painter at the Orangerie du Parc


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